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Mar 16, 2018

In this episode (sponsored by Ingenius), our hosts talk with Todd Lewis and Leigh Weinshelbaum from CafeX about Omni-channel communication.  

 Topics include:

  • What Omni-channel communication means to the panel
  • The need for OmniChannel Customer experience
  • The push for omnichannel experiences by Millenial customers and employees
  • Examples of great Omni-channel experiences
    • Wesley Chapel Toyota
    • Delta
  • Discussion of CafeX features and capabilities
  • LiveAssist for Dynamics 365

 As always, you can reach out to our hosts on Twitter:

  • Shawn (@crmhobbit)
  • Scott (@fldservice_guru)

 Our guests, Todd and Leigh can be contacted via email:


More information on LiveAssist for Dynamics 365 can be found at: