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Apr 28, 2018

This episode of Scrum Dynamics is brought to you live from the Dynamics 365 User Group Summit EMEA in Dublin, Ireland. In this session, Neil covers the basics of Scrum and best practices for each of Scrum's roles, events, and deliverables from his Dynamics 365 and CRM projects over the last ten years. He also...

Apr 16, 2018

In this episode (sponsored by Ingenius), Neil and Dermot discuss the role of the ScrumMaster in a Dynamics 365 project.

  • A servant leader
  • Is the ScrumMaster a project manager?
  • The role of the ScrumMaster in sprint events
  • The three questions a ScrumMaster asks during daily standup
  • Project planning
  • Reviews and...

Mar 10, 2018

Welcome to episode two of Scrum Dynamics, the podcast series for Microsoft Dynamics 365 practitioners who want to use the Scrum framework for agile projects. This episode is sponsored by Ingenius.

In this episode, co-hosts Neil Benson and Dermot Ryan, introduce the Scrum framework’s events, roles, deliverables and the...