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Jan 1, 2018

This episode is sponsored by KingswaySoft.

Marica Söderstam has a background in Business and IT from Stockholm University.

For the last five years, she worked with Dynamics Customer Engagement. Including testing, deploying and being responsible for business requirements and designing of the MMS solution based on customer needs.

She is the product Owner and main Solution Architect of one of Innofactors products that are targeting trade unions and member organisations in Nordic countries.

In this Episode

  • Journey to Product Owner based on Dynamics 365
  • Product Leadership
    • Product owner of MMS built on the Dynamics 365 platform
    • Challenges with being a product owner
    • How is the product sold and marketed?
    • How to future-proof your product when technology is always changing
    • Quality control
  • Roadmap Planning
    • Creating and managing what goes into the roadmap
    • How to keep up with the changes that Microsoft releases
    • Why use Dynamics 365?
    • Challenges with using Dynamics 365
  • Agile Product Management
    • Strengths of Agile Development for long-term projects
    • A typical Agile day
  • Meeting Customer Demands
    • Meeting multiple customer demands
    • How to manage expectations
    • Bugs that customers report
    • Coming up with innovative ideas
    • Incorporating user feedback
  • Communicating Product Development
    • Communication strategy
  • Team Cooperation
    • Build team structure for your product development
    • How to keep the team excited about the product years after the product launch
    • Key skills you need in a team that is building a product on Dynamics 365

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