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Nov 20, 2017

This episode is sponsored by Inogic.

Guest Profile

Jerry is President and CEO of CRM Innovation and has the energy and vision of a true entrepreneur. His 20+ years’ experience includes a broad mix of business development, sales and sales management, hardware and software technical competency, and marketing know-how. Jerry has successfully launched three companies based on new economy principles. Jerry founded CRM Innovation in Kansas to provide CRM consulting and implementation services for local and regional clients of all sizes. CRM Innovation also has several ISV solutions around Sales, Marketing, and enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

 In this Episode

  • Jerry’s career so far and CRM Innovation
  • Creating the right type of culture
  • Relationship with Microsoft
  • Leadership and Management
  • Implementation partner and ISV
  • Microsoft AppSource
  • Using 3rd party tools in the practice
  • Microsoft community and the benefit to a Dynamics practice
  • The biggest challenge as a business owner
  • The future for Dynamics 365
  • The future for Dynamics 365 partners

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