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Mar 26, 2018

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Guest Profile

Brock Sperryn's passion is to ensure that our world uses technology for good. He believes Technology is an enabler for us living better and more meaningful lives. As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, driven by customer experience, big data, and artificial intelligence, he is enthusiastic about the opportunities in front of us. However, he also appreciates that the gap between desire and reality is sometimes vast and overwhelming. It is, therefore, his quest to help organisations achieve digital transformation by establishing the platforms, culture, leadership, and agility to be successful.

In this Episode

  • The difference in selling business application software to infrastructure software
  • Customer characteristics (IT or business)
  • Changes in recent years in the way customers are acquiring Dynamics 365
  • Typical timeframe to sell Dynamics
  • Customer engagement process in the Dynamics sale
  • Customer engagement post-sale
  • Typical stakeholders in a Dynamics sale
  • Setting up the pursuit team in a Dynamics sale
  • The part RFx, play in the sales process
  • Lead generation
  • The role of Pre-Sales
  • Salesperson enablement
  • Different customer profiles Government, Not for Profit and Commercial
  • Staying on the cutting edge as a salesperson
  • Microsoft Partnership and relationship in the sales engagement

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