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Oct 8, 2018


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Guest Profile

Chuck Ingram works as Innovation Lead for North America for the Digital Sales and Service practice at Avanade. Chuck is hyper-focused on innovating around digital disruption and the accompanying customer shifts. He works with his team on developing business models and solutions that deliver customer experiences and outcomes – – not just projects. He most recently led the CRM practice at another large Dynamics partner for 4 years where he helped drive innovative solutions that resulted in significant growth.  


In this Episode

  • The Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Microsoft's 'recommended solution' for the enterprise space
  • Working with Adobe and complementing your Dynamics practice
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365 supporting the customer experience
  • Products offered under the Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Adobe and Dynamics 365 integrations and new functionalities not offered in Dynamics 365 for Marketing
  • Resources for partners wanting to get up to speed on Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Building relationships for customers using Adobe Marketing Cloud via Adobe integrations to Dynamics 365
  • Changes with Adobe Marketing and Dynamics


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