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Oct 21, 2018


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Guest Profile

Patrick Kitchell is a Dynamics CRM Technical Professional at Microsoft in Denmark helping customers understand and leverage the immense potential from their CRM solutions. He has a keen eye for data and is passionate about finding the right business processes to help drive success. Patrick is originally from Northern New Jersey and has been living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark for the last 16 years with his family. He's previously lived and worked in New York City operating a social service program assisting the homeless persons and drug addicts.  He is curious about technology, social media, and PC gaming.


In this Episode

  • The role that a demo plays in selling software
  • Information needed prior to doing a demo
  • The Sales Cycle, when demo’s come into play and introducing them
  • The one demo's fits all approach?
  • How to tailor your technique and presentations
  • Mistakes when demoing
  • The process behind creating a demo and ensuring it goes to plan
  • The secret sauce' to creating and executing a killer demo
  • Disaster demo's and how they play out
  • Online demo's v in-person demo's
  • Reading a customer's reaction to a demo
  • What the term presales mean
  • Specific training for a Pre-Sales role


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