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Apr 23, 2018

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Guest Profile

Clarissa Simpson is a Dynamics 365 Professional & Microsoft MVP, with broad experience in many disciplines of business and technology management. Experienced, creative and driven professional, executive, leader, and strategist.

Clarissa is proficient in Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Dynamics CRM, business communications, operational management, project management, program management. She engages successfully with colleagues, vendors, and teams, with a strong ability to navigate through complex challenges.

She is a well-rounded, seasoned CRM consultant and business professional, offering a wealth of experiential knowledge while balancing that with the wisdom to know what to do with it. Many people have Big Ideas - it is execution that matters, and she does execution. She runs toward fires while remaining the calm one.  She values new professional acquaintances in the CRM arena, reach out to her if you want to talk CRM technology or Oklahoma Sooner Football.

Clarisse’s Specialties: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, System Governance, CRM System Best Practices, Operational management, Social Media, CRM for Call Centers, CRM & IoT, Big Data, Social Media, Chat, International Trade Compliance, CRM for Manufacturing, Automotive CRM.

In this Episode

  • Dynamics 365 Administrator at Ford
  • Day in a life of a Dynamics Administrator
  • The roles and responsibilities and culture on a Dynamics 365 team
  • Vendor and Partner engagement
  • How to motivate a team
  • Microsoft as a vendor
  • Working with Microsoft Partners
  • Hallmarks of an outstanding Microsoft Partner
  • Dynamics 365 Community
  • Addressing gender balance in the Dynamics 365 community

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