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CRM Audio

Jan 27, 2019

It's part 2 of our review of the release notes for Microsoft Business Applications April '19 release. In this episode we dig into what's new for Power Apps, Flow, CDS, and Power BI.

This episode is brought to you by Maplytics by Inogic.

Show notes:

  • AI for sales enhancements
  • Phone call analysis
  • Relationship assistant in teams
  • Use Ai for Customer Service with ServiceNow, ZenDesk, or SalesForce
  • Mixed reality
  • PowerApps enhancements
    • Responsive layout
    • App license requirements presented to makers
    • App usage reporting
    • Server-side synchronization for CDS
    • Power Apps Control Framework
    • Reusable canvas apps components
    • Views in canvas apps
    • Easier login for D365 mobile app
    • Unified interface for everybody
    • The return of offline
    • Model-driven apps in teams
  • Flow enhancements
    • Extracting from HTML and PDF
    • Integration with Microsoft learn
    • Calling actions with flow
    • Batch processes
    • Change sets
  • PowerBI support for LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • CDM/CDS enhancements


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