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Apr 18, 2023

Raising kids is not an easy task. Nor it is cheap. If you need to talk to your bank about refinancing your mortgage to renovate the house according to the building permit you are yet to apply for and, in case your house is old and potentially has some led paint or asbestos, you would also be trying to keep the kids out of that very house as much as possible by enrolling them in the after-school classes THEN you are in pure luck. All your challenges can be solved by installing a trifecta of Power Pages scenario-based templates.

In this episode of Refresh the Cache, Nick & I dive into the Power Pages templates; the good, the bad, and the ugly sides, what they are good for and where they shouldn’t be touched. We also answer some important questions such as are there any assets with the prefix "new_", is numbering your pages bad, and who gets a participation medal? To find out, as they say, listen ’till the end!


Cover image by Christiana Mergan from Pixabay.

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