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CRM Audio

Aug 7, 2018

In this episode (brought to you by KingswaySoft), Ulrik and Joel go through the October '18 release notes for Power BI and analytics.

Topics discussed:

  • October '18 release notes for Power BI
  • Embedded Power BI visuals in Dynamics 365 forms
  • SSRS reports in unified interface and mobile
  • Preview feature--run SSRS reports from Power BI Premium
  • Deeper PowerApps integration with Power BI
  • CDS connector for Power BI--get your labels
  • Enhancements to links in Power BI dashboards
  • Power BI in Dynamics 365 portals
  • What are data flows
  • PowerQuery in CDM
  • Intellisense in PowerQuery
  • What happened to CDS-A
  • What happened to Customer Insights
  • Predictive lead scoring

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