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CRM Audio

Sep 23, 2019

This is the Power Platform Daily Brief for Sept 23 (brought to you by D365ug).

Show notes/Transcript:

News on the data flows—Common Data Service data integrations have been renamed Data flows

"This month we’re introducing an enhancement that allows creation of Dataflows containing only Analytical entities. This option can be selected within the “New dataflow” screen.

Analytical dataflows allow free-form entities to be created, but also provide built-in experiences for harmonizing those entities into standard Common Data Model entity schemas, using the “Map to standard entity” dialog accessible from the Power Query Editor. Dataflow entities are also stored in CDM Folders within Azure Data Lake, allowing integration with other Azure Data and AI services, analytics and insights scenarios."

This update also adds support for new data connections like PDF files, Teradata, MySQL, and new data transformations.


PowerApps checker now includes app checker results for canvas apps in the solution. The App checker lists any formula errors, accessibility warnings and now also performance optimization tips

 I had a positive experience on Friday—I found I could add existing flows to a solution. The flows outside of solutions area has been there for a while, but the ability to add existing flows to solutions hasn’t worked yet, but it does now.

Let’s take a look at some of the new connectors for the Power Platform:

  • SerwerSMS
  • Azure Monitor: Connect to your Azure Monitor Logs solution to run and visualize various monitor queries.
  • ModuleQ: ModuleQ's proactive AI technology equips you for success. Use the ModuleQ Flow Connector to trigger notifications when new recommendations are available. More details at (requires existing ModuleQ account).

Service update 84 rolls out in North America on the 26th. Some highlights addressed by this fix:

  • Bookable resources not visible from related records
  • Flow approvals timing out
  • When a mailbox was configured with a Gmail address, and "recent mode" was enabled, sending an email produced a duplicate email.
  • When a queue's owner was changed, the new owner was not added as a member of that queue.
  • Custom activity entity icons did not render.
  • The Account Timeline displayed modified case resolution records as being "Resolved by ..." instead of "Cancelled by ...".


And finally, only 48 hours until Power Platform 24. Let’s look at some of the sessions:

We start with Shane Young PowerApps, Flow, and Sharepoint, Oh My!

"You probably know one, you might know them all, but do you know how they best work together? In this session, you will learn about how the three work together to help you build great solutions. The session will be demo heavy so come prepared to see the products in action. Topics to be discussed include: * How to choose when they all do the same thing * Real world use cases we are seeing * Some of the quirks of the trio * Discussion of some of the other data sources that may come up * How you can also incorporate your on-prem SharePoint"


Then we have Ben Vollmer talking about Field Service: Come learn in an hour how to leverage Field Service and PowerApps to meet your customers needs.