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May 7, 2018


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Guest Profile

Heather Reynolds Hall is the Senior Vice President, Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement at Eclipse, a DXC Technology Company.  She has a track record of implementing successful initiatives that achieve significant results with an unparalleled understanding of people, process and business challenges.

In this Episode

  • Doing Dynamics 365 Recruitment right
  • Profile of a great candidate
  • Core roles in a Dynamics 365 delivery team
  • Engaging with recruiters
  • Poaching of staff
  • Choosing candidates
  • Onboarding new people into the teams’ culture
  • How to stop top long-term talent leaving
  • Testing for attitude and team fit
  • Dynamics 365 skill testing candidates
  • Microsoft Certification and the selection process
  • Forms of education
  • Creating first day moments
  • Advise to leaders; to do more of? Less of
  • Leadership in a Dynamics Practice
  • Biggest leadership challenges
  • Inspire your people

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