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Jan 2, 2019

In this episode (brought to you by KingswaySoft), we discuss data integration strategies and considerations when building Dynamics 365 systems. Integration is a very significant topic when it comes to more complex and intricate systems that require interaction with other corporate systems. When we migrate and deploy systems to cloud environments, we must take even more care as the consequences of poor decisions become more severe.  

Topics discussed in this episode

  • Considerations for choosing between data replication versus direct query integration strategies
    • What is the data volume?
    • What is the data velocity (of change)?
    • What are the data freshness requirements?
    • Forecasted cost of CRM database storage?
  • Challenges of the direct data query pattern from Dynamics online to on-premises assets
    • Network Latency
    • External team dependencies (security/network teams)
    • Corporate policies and guidelines
  • Integration patterns for cloud and on-premises
    • Architecting data to live as close to Dynamics as possible
    • Ways users can access on-premises data externally
    • Using virtual entities

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