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CRM Audio

Jun 25, 2019

This episode of Refresh the Cache is brought to you by Kingswaysoft.

Colin Vermander and Nick Doelman dig in to the PowerApps portals announcements--is the something new or the same Dynamics 365 portals that we know and love?

Download the release plan here.


Jun 21, 2019

This is the Power Platform Daily Brief for July 21, 2019 (brought to you by D365UG).

Today Brad finishes his conversation with Evan Chaki.

The phrase of the day is Power Platform Center of Excellence.  And part 2 of our interview with Evan Chaki (where we talk about Center of Excellence).

Jun 21, 2019

Welcome to CRM Audio Live, brought to you by KingswaySoft.

Today Mark Christie, Iain Connolly, Shawn Tabor, Andrew Bibby, and Joel Lindstrom finish their discussion about the latest release plan. In today's episode we cover the following areas of the next release:

  • Field Service
  • Unified Interface
  • PowerApps
  • Flow
  • The...

Jun 20, 2019

This is the Power Platform Daily Brief for Thursday, June 30, brought to you by

Today Mark, Iaian and Claire discuss the following stories:

  • AI in PowerPoint
  • Embedding PowerBI in Dynamics 365 Forms
  • Unified interface charts
  • Impacting organization change with reports
  • Power Platform Community...

Jun 19, 2019

This is the Power Platform Daily Brief for June 19, 2019. This episode is brought to you by ClickLearn.

Today Evan Chaki, Principal Group Program Manager from Microsoft joins us following the Business Application Summit to talk about 2019 wave 2 and Application Lifecycle Management of PowerApps and Flow.