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CRM Audio

Sep 27, 2017

In this episode (sponsored by KingswaySoft), Matthew C. Anderson and Joel Lindstrom discuss Evernote vs. Microsoft OneNote. While they may seem similar, there are differences between their approach to organization and how to optimally use them.

  • Which is better for work?
  • Which is better for personal notes?
  • Tagging and...

Sep 22, 2017

In this episode of Power BI & More (sponsored by KingswaySoft), Scott Sewell interviews Kim Manis and Chuck Sterling from Microsoft.

Kim Manis is Group Program Manager for PowerBI Desktop at Microsoft – She gives us a peek behind the curtain as to what drives new features added to the desktop - and she reveals what...

Sep 20, 2017

In this episode of Implement This (sponsored by Maplytics™ by Inogic ) the Editable Grid feature in Dynamics 365 is front and center. Hear hosts Britta Rekstad and Matthew C. Anderson discuss what they know and what's worth knowing when considering whether you want to Implement This in your...

Sep 18, 2017

In this episode (sponsored by KingswaySoft), we are joined by Dynamics developers Lucas Alexander and MVP's Jonas Rapp and Jukka Niiranen for a debate about Citizen developers: are they end users empowered to use low code solutions to solve business challenges or are they out of control users creating problems that have...

Sep 13, 2017

In this episode (sponsored by KingswaySoft), we talk about some new productivity tools.

That's not productive: Multitasking

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