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CRM Audio

Nov 16, 2021


In this CRM Audio podcast episode Elaiza Benitez talks to Luke Hopton based in Jersey, United Kingdom, and Matt Ngan based in Toronto, Canada. Elaiza, Luke and Matt previously worked for the same Microsoft Partner in New Zealand where Luke and Matt were CRM Developers. Since then, both of them have moved away from being Dynamics CRM developers and Elaiza talks to them about their decision and what they're doing now in their current roles. Elaiza also quizzes them to see how much they remember about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 as a developer.

Note: Elaiza refers to Dynamics 365 as Dynamics CRM in this podcast episode to avoid confusing Luke and Matt. When Luke and Matt were developers, it was called Dynamics CRM at the time.

What we talked about
Background to how Luke, Matt and I know each other.


Matt and Luke introduce themselves.


Matt worked for a product company in London that specialized in Wealth Management where Dynamics CRM was the platform and he now lives and works in Toronto for an HR software company that has nothing to do with Dynamics CRM.


Luke moved to a Senior .NET developer role before leaving New Zealand and then moved to London in 2015 where he joined two other product companies. Eventually he moved home to Jersey and is now a Solution Architect where he works with RegTech (Regulatory Technology) solutions – due diligence and KYC (Know your Customer) for Wealth Management companies.


The decisions Luke and Matt made to move away from being a Dynamics CRM Developer.


That last Dynamics CRM version Luke and Matt worked with was Dynamics CRM 2013, possibly Dynamics CRM 2015 for Matt.


Matt talks about the frameworks and tech he is using now.


Both Luke and Matt talk about applying what they've learnt in their time as Dynamics CRM Developers in their roles now.


What they use for source control now.


Matt talks about the differences in Application Lifecycle Management for product development compared to consultancy projects.

What Luke and Matt use for source control these days.


Who would be in their search results when Googling for issues experienced in Dynamics CRM and tools used.  


Who showed Matt the ropes in being a Dynamics CRM developer - Rex Wessels, Sophie Khun-Hammond, Maryse Botros, David Brown mentioned.


Elaiza quizzes Luke and Matt on their knowledge of being a Dynamics CRM Developer

  • Question 1 – Matt
  • Question 2 – Luke
  • Question 3 – Matt
  • Question 4 – Luke
  • Question 5 – Luke
  • Question 6 – Luke
  • Question 7 – No one
  • Question 8 – Matt

What Luke and Matt miss about New Zealand.